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1. NMR

English name: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Model: ARX400
Manufacturer: Bruker
Origin: Switzerland
Technical indicators: resolution: H, C are less than or equal to 0.2 Hz; sbr sensitivity: H 390:1 (5 mm 0.1% EB), C 150:1 (5 mm 10% EB); sbr line type: H 0.55% At <10 Hz, at 0.11% at <5 Hz; C at 0.55% at <3 Hz, at 0.11% at <7 Hz.
Function: It can measure NMR spectra of various nuclei such as H, C and Ag to P; equipped with various pulse programs, in addition to the conventional H and C one-dimensional spectra, it can also be used for DEPT, homonuclear and heteronuclear correlation, HMBC, etc. Dimensional and two-dimensional experiments; suitable for molecular structure analysis, content determination and reaction mechanism research in chemistry, biology, petrochemical, natural products, etc.
Working principle: In a strong magnetic field, the nucleus with nuclear spin undergoes energy level splitting. When absorbing external electromagnetic radiation, the nuclear energy level transition can occur. When the frequency of the external radio frequency field is the same as the frequency of the nuclear spin precession, The energy of the radio frequency field can be effectively absorbed by the nucleus to provide energy for the energy level transition. Therefore, different atomic nuclei, under different charge shielding effects (ie, different chemical environments), in a given external magnetic field, only absorb the energy provided by a specific frequency radio frequency field, thus forming a nuclear magnetic resonance signal, which can be Analyze the chemical environment in which the atom is located, and infer the form of the bond.

2. GC-MS

English name: GC-MS
Model: 7980A/5975C
Manufacturer: Agilent
Origin: United States
Technical indicators: Mass range: 10-1000 Measurable ion type: EI (positive ion); 7890 A gas chromatograph, split/splitless inlet, with EPC; 5975B MSD (EI source), molecular turbo pump (262 liters) /Sec); 7863 automatic liquid sampler with 100 sample trays; NIST 05 spectral library
Function: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of small organic molecules, separation and analysis of low boiling point organic compounds.

3. Glove box

English name: Vacuum Glove Box
Model: lab2000 single-station integrated single-sided glove box
Manufacturer: Etex
made in China
Technical indicators: water content 0-1000 ppm, plus or minus 1% PPM, oxygen analyzer 0-1000 ppm, plus or minus 1% ppm
Function: The glove box is usually filled with high-purity inert gas during application, and the oxygen, water vapor, organic gas and other impurities in the gas are filtered out through the circulation system of the glove box. It is widely used in anhydrous, oxygen-free, and dust-free The ultra-pure environment protects the reagents in the box and samples that are afraid of water and oxygen, so that reactions that cannot be carried out in the air proceed smoothly.


Model: UV3600Plus
Manufacturer: Shimadzu
Origin: Japan

Technical indicators: Scanning range: 185-3300 nm Temperature change equipment: CPS (10-60℃) External circulating water bath (10-60℃) 60 mm integrating sphere, 150 mm large integrating sphere variable angle absolute mirror reflection accessory CPS electric plus Thermoelectric refrigeration device, membrane sample holder, 6-cell sample holder, constant temperature water bath holder
Function: can test liquid, solid, film samples 185-3300 nm absorption, reflection, transmission, energy, film thickness can be tested for material characterization, structure identification

5. Hot weight

English name: TGA-DSC-DTA
Model: Q600 SDT
Manufacturer: TA
Origin: United States
Technical indicators: Synchronous TGA/DSC/DTA measurement. Balance sensitivity: 0.1ug Test temperature range: room temperature to 1200℃.
Function: Thermogravimetric analysis is to observe the quality of the sample as a function of temperature or time during the process of heating or constant temperature. Study material thermal stability, decomposition, redox, adsorption and desorption, free water and crystal water content, and composition ratio calculation. The DSC function helps to analyze the phase change, reaction temperature, reaction heat, and combustion heat in the high temperature zone.

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