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How to get the most benefits from sarcosine?

The role of sarcosine is that it can be found in meat foods such as meat and fish. In addition, milk and certain plants contain small amounts of this nutrient. Most people can consume 1-2 grams of sarcosine per day from their daily diet. However, vegetarians get smaller amounts. Since the body itself can synthesize some creatine using arginine and aminoacetic acid, healthy vegetarians get this nutrient based on this synthesis.

Creatine has been found to increase muscle mass and promote athleticism in athletes. In fact, more than 20 years ago researchers discovered that athletic performance could be improved by 20% by taking creatine and training properly.

How can I use creatine to get the most benefit?

Creatine is usually taken orally. A cycle is needed to help start the creatine cycle. This cycle typically lasts one week and involves taking 20 grams per day. The maintenance phase that follows usually involves taking 5-10 grams per day. The maintenance phase usually takes 4 weeks.

Sarcosine is typically sold in powder form. However, some athletes find monohydrate products to be more effective. However, opinions often differ on which brand is best.

Typically, creatine is ingested dissolved in a liquid. The best choices include sports drinks or grape juice. The reason grape juice is the best choice is because it causes insulin to be released into the body, better aiding in the absorption and utilization of creatine. However, dissolving creatine in acidic juices is not recommended because it can lead to rapid breakdown. Some people find that sarcosine does not dissolve well in cold water. If this is an issue, warm water can be used instead. However, do not use hot boiling water. This is because again, it can lead to the rapid breakdown of creatine.

Who is not a good candidate for sarcosine consumption?

People with a history of kidney disease or diabetes should not consume creatine. People who are taking kidney damaging medications should also avoid sarcosine unless it is used under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, to date, the effects of sarcosine on pregnant women have not been thoroughly clarified. As a result, pregnant women should treat this supplement with caution.

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